What people write about me

Somehow I really like it when people write about me, though it´s still surprising. The tenor is most often pretty similar. Reading about myself is like listening to my recorded voice ore seeing a picture that shows the back of my head –a view that I am not familiar with.

The Basque blogger and traveller Iñaki who met me two months ago wrote on his blog Iñaki`s Diversion about me

…all this was indeed very interesting, my mission at the overstay was to meet people for a trip to the north. And this is how I met Jessica Flores (mid-20s, 88% German, 12% Brazilian). This hyperactive girl moved to Bangkok a couple of years ago and since then she's been working as a journalist, actress, Ebay vendor and volunteer at a hospital among others. Jessi invited me to join her for a short visit to an old friend who lived in a small town near the Lao border.

The brazilian author and director Thiago wrote on his blog Abrindo Cabeças in Portuguese:

Filha de alemaes e brasileiros de novo hamburgo, ela entende alguma coisa do que eh ditto em minha lingua. Se diverte, comas pessoas, e aparentemente eh super forte e imperativa. Mas eh menina como todas as meninas e as vezes se sente soh e desprotegida no alto de seus 1.85m . trabalha como paramedica, e de uns dias pra ca comecou a ver os fantasmas de seu trabalho. Digo pra ela nao ficar bebendo pra esquecer isso nao ela quase nao me ouve.

Let me translate as good as I can:

Daughter of German and Brazilian from Novo Hamburgo, Is having fun, eating people, and is apparently super strong and imperative. But as a girl like all girls she feels unprotected at times even at a height of 1.85. She´s workin as paramedic and a few days ago she started to see the ghosts of here work. I told her that drinking would not stop this but she would not listen.

(I am not 1.85, I just like to wear high heels)

Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores





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